When you are a project manager, it’s your responsibility to see the project – and all its parts – through to completion while still managing your team. However, when project management is remote, it’s difficult to develop the same rapport without being face to face. We have several of our favorite tips for staying on top of projects – and your colleagues – in a remote work environment.

Reward your team members.

The benefit of rewarding team members is that it gives them a morale boost. Nowadays, that’s more -important than ever. When you are in an office with people, it’s easy to figure out the best way to reward them. Maybe you treat them to lunch one day. Or perhaps another day you bring them coffee. Even a face-to-face thank you has more meaning than receiving a thank you by email. So, when you are doing remote project management, you still want to deliver rewards. Ask people to complete an informal survey identifying favorite foods, restaurants, places they like ordering from, and how they spend their weekend. Use this as a guideline to reward individual team members. You don’t always have to send a physical reward either. A shout-out in the Slack channel or group chat can be just as satisfying.

Create an engaging team environment.

As a project manager, you want to get everyone as excited as possible for the project launch. Since you are doing remote project management, as you bring everyone together, start the project with an agenda that identifies everyone’s role and the part that they play. Add compliments about each team member that identifies their strengths, even before the project begins. It is a way of connecting even though you aren’t in person.

While you may be doing of video conferencing, through programs such as Slack, allow for off-topic discussions. Consider a channel that focuses on non-work items, whether its TV shows, movies, or lunchtime discussions. It allows for a connection and makes you available to others, without it seeming like you are hovering over their work progress.

Get to know each other as individuals.

When your team is working remotely, it can be hard to forget there are people on the other side. Everyone you are working with, whether or not you have the chance to talk with them very long, are human beings. We lose sight of that when we work from home. So, as a project manager, its important people get to know you as an individual, and you get to know them. Be true to yourself while still sharing who you are. Also, getting to know your team members helps you understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Utilizing these tips in your remote project management will make your job easier and more rewarding. Despite the telecommuting environment, you still want it to feel like human interaction. Be sure to contact Computek for all of your project management needs.