Since 1990, CompuTek Consulting has built countless partnerships with companies of all sizes, operating in a variety of industries. Their common search for the highest quality iSeries AS/400 and EDI consulting services at reasonable rates led these companies to a common place, CompuTek Consulting, Inc.

By leveraging our consulting services in the right amount, at the right time, each of our clients have realized a maximized return on their IT investment as well as a substantial reduction in the “headaches” which are normally associated with managing a project.

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Our reputation as one of the leaders in the iSeries AS/400 and EDI consulting industry is something we do not take lightly. By listening to our clients’ needs and concerns, and addressing them in the most efficient manner, CompuTek Consulting has been able to build an outstanding track record of delivering what we promise, when we promise, for the price we promise.

We realize that there is no better way to find out what kind of experience to expect when partnering with CompuTek Consulting than to hear it from our clients, in their words.

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