Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs , California, CompuTek Consulting was established in 1990 by senior business consultants, senior software development professionals and expert applications programmers committed to providing the most talented on-shore iSeries AS/400 Programming and Consulting to Fortune 500, large, and mid-sized companies, at the lowest possible cost.

Over the last 15 years, CompuTek Consulting has worked diligently to disprove the myth that low consulting rates directly correlate with inferior service or quality. By successfully helping hundreds of companies realize their business vision in the most efficient and cost-effective manner time and time again, CompuTek Consulting has earned its reputation as the Information Technology industry’s leading iSeries AS/400 and EDI consulting firm.

As a result of specializing exclusively in iSeries AS/400 Programming and Consulting, and the various software packages operating on the iSeries AS/400 platform, for over twenty years, CompuTek Consulting has developed an unmatched level of technical expertise, industry background, and efficiency, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions tailored specifically to each client, at prices well below those of our competitors.

CompuTek Consulting provides its clients with a vast spectrum of world-class service offerings, encompassing all phases of the project life cycle. Whether it be system support, project management, or an EDI upgrade, our ability to serve as a single source provider for all of our clients’ IT solutions dramatically streamlines the project management process. CompuTek Consulting eliminates the hassle of coordinating numerous independent contractors—or various outsourcing firms—by providing the right consultants, in the right quantity, at the right time.

CompuTek Consulting does not support or utilize off-shore outsourcing. All CompuTek consultants are English-speaking American citizens, readily available to work either at the client’s site or from the CompuTek Consulting headquarters in southern California . No longer must a company in search of reducing their project development costs deal with the issues normally associated with off-shore outsourcing, such as language barriers, time zones and lack of quality, to name a few.

With CompuTek Consulting, you get the affordability of an off-shore iSeries AS/400 programming and consulting company with the convenience and quality of service available only in the United States of America.