Our Elite Team

In order to ensure that all of CompuTek Consulting’s staff adheres to the company’s highest level of service and quality, the hiring of our consultants is a process that is taken very seriously. We work tirelessly to find the best fit for both our clients and consultants by taking the time to properly interview and check references—and by asking the right questions.

By selecting and retaining many of the finest Information Technology Professionals in the industry, CompuTek has developed an exceptional talent pool committed to helping its clients get the most from their AS/400 information systems in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Combined, CompuTek’s team of consultants amasses centuries of experience in providing the finest Information Technology consulting services to Fortune 500, large, mid-sized and small companies. This extensive industry knowledge enables our team to take on any project and produce immediate results.

CompuTek’s world-class consultants are all English-speaking American citizens, available to work at either the client’s site or from the CompuTek Consulting headquarters in southern California .