Mission, Vision, & Values

At CompuTek Consulting, our mission is to provide world-class IT consulting services and solutions to businesses operating on the AS/400 hardware platform using only the best and most cost-effective methodologies and technologies in the industry. Backed by an elite team of highly experienced information technology professionals with a proven track record of success, we build successful partnerships with our clients in order to maximize their return on investment and help them realize their full technical potential.

As CompuTek Consulting looks into the future, we envision our company as the premier single-source provider of AS/400 information technology consulting, with services encompassing all phases of the project life cycle.

We will continue to develop and maintain long-lasting partnerships with clients, allowing them to leverage leading technologies in order to realize their full business potential. CompuTek Consulting will remain focused on providing our clients with the best American information technology professionals at the lowest possible cost.

CompuTek Consulting has built its foundation on the following principles:

Integrity: Integrity is something we have worked extremely hard to build and maintain every single day since our inception. Every single one of our consultants is extremely honest, ensuring excellence is reflected in everything we provide our clients. We strive to guarantee that each of our clients’ relationships with CompuTek Consulting are relationships of unparalleled satisfaction from the very first meeting to the final product.

Quality: Quality is the cornerstone on which we conduct, build, and grow our business. We provide our clients with the industry’s finest consultants, and nothing less. This commitment to excellence ensures that of our clients receive the highest quality work each and every time.

Reliability: Our commitment to delivering as we promise, when we promise, is something we do not take lightly. Our clients know that when they trust us with their business they receive our unwaivering commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding, all of their needs.

Efficiency: We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our projects are completed in the most efficient way possible. By clearly defining the project’s objectives, establishing the best methods to conduct our work, and precisely coordinating our work activities, we save our clients substantial time and money without sacrificing any quality.

Flexibility: We recognize that in today’s ever-changing work environment, companies require a certain element of flexibility from the IT side of their business. Our ability to provide our clients with the right amount of resources, at the time they need them, enables them to meet the fluctuating demands on their business throughout the year.