At CompuTek Consulting, Inc., we offer some of the best database and engineering services around to companies in all industries that need help fine-tuning their architecture.

Why AS/400 and EDI?

The principle of electronic data interchange (EDI) refers to part of that massive process of taking paper systems and making them either digital or hybrid systems. This takes quite a lot of legacy migration, and plans to change and refine systems to accommodate digital data and make businesses more competitive. It’s something that is now common – and best practices require calibration.

AS/400 architectures facilitate a lot of this type of data handling. By helping companies to create database design and management systems, helping with user training, system testing and system integration, and setting up help desk support, CompuTek has a track record of supporting clients in doing this kind of migration work. With a trusted consultant, it’s worlds easier to navigate a complex terrain and solve the kinds of problems you often see when it’s time to update systems.

What You Need in A Vendor

When you’re relying on a consultant to help with AS/400 and EDI plans, you’re talking about something where quality needs to be built in. You need a reliable and efficient partner with the flexibility to understand how to work with a dynamic environment to create systems that will provide their return on investment over time.

If you look at our mission statement and how we work, you’ll see that CompuTek is one of these top vendors popular in the field for our quality of work.

We make it our business to understand not only the technology behind database systems, but the philosophy behind EDI, why it’s needed, and how best to help companies to comply and stay competitive in a rapidly changing business world. See more on our website about how you can modernize your business more easily than you might think and build a successful foundation for the rest of the 21st century.

No matter what you’re selling, it’s critical to stay on top of new technology and best practices. You have data, and you need it to be in a certain pipeline to do its work effectively. But just because the business world has suddenly gone and changed doesn’t mean you need to be left behind. We specialize in getting your business competitive without requiring in-house people to go back to school for digital operations and IT. Think of us as the consultant firm that can quickly get you up to speed with custom solutions and allow you to focus on what you love – your products and service – without worrying that your database and digital record systems aren’t keeping up.