To determine how your company can use iSeries AS/400 consulting it is first best to discuss what it is, how it works, and how it can be beneficial to you and your team.  One would assume “if I’ve never heard of it, I don’t need it” but that is simply untrue.

The Application System/400 (AS/400) is a group of computer systems that can be used as a multi-user system. In short, one computer can interact with multiple users at a time. It was introduced by International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in June of 1988 and is currently popular amongst businesses of all sizes.

The AS/400 has multiple uses, including Java application development, web and e-commerce serving, data warehousing, and corporate groupware services.  The system acts as a developmental system for JAVA applications, a repository for company data, a support system for e-commerce and in some cases a server, depending on the size of the company. AS/400 provides corporate e-mail, whiteboards, electronic collaboration, and project file sharing if Domino and Notes are included in the system.

Now that you have an understanding of the system and several of its many capabilities, here is how, we, CompuTek Consulting, Inc. can help.

We have provided world-class iSeries AS/400, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and project management consulting services since our establishment in 1990. Our team has a distinguished level of expertise, and we remove the worry of dependability, quality, communication, and commitment. We work to produce results promptly while working to remain under budget.

Our AS/400 consulting services include database design and management, system package selection, user training, system support, system security, upgrades, migration and integration, and system performance tuning. We also provide services in HTML, JAVA, COBOL, CL, CLP, CLLE, and other program languages.

For years, we have successfully helped companies exchange their data in the safest and efficient ways possible. Our EDI consulting experts service your company by providing program assessment, setup and installation, mapping, training, testing, maintenance and management, and communication support. We are currently providing services for IBM, Websphere, Microsoft Biztalk, Sterling Commerce, Gentran, and many others.

Computek Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to providing you and your team with the best of services. Our clients include Fresh Express, Chiquita, Vans, and others. However, we are capable of working with companies of all sizes. While we have provided a short list of our services, several others are not listed. Contact us for more information, questions, and let us discuss how we can meet your company needs.