There have been numerous studies performed on the correlation between employee engagement and productivity. Many of these studies have concluded that employees who don’t feel engaged are more likely to do the bare minimum at their jobs. An overwhelming 82% of American employees claim that they do not feel engaged at their current jobs.

A team of unmotivated employees will produce lackluster results if they are involved in completing a new project. Rather than letting this potential blind spot thwart your attempts at getting projects done on or ahead of schedule, you need to address employee motivation issues immediately. Here are some things you can do to properly motivate your project team members.

Provide Them with the Right Tools and Training

Completing a new project on schedule requires both hard work and the use of the right tools. If your employees are provided with outdated or hard-to-use tools, they will be in a constant state of frustration. In most cases, you will hear more than a few complaints from project team members when there are problems with the tools you have provided. Ignoring these complaints can lead to valued team members jumping ship and seeking out employment with your competitor.

Providing ongoing training to project team members is also a way to keep morale levels high. Not only does this training make your employees more knowledgeable, it also shows them that you are invested in their long-term growth. Employees who feel like they are valued will be more productive and loyal to your company.

Clear Goals and Objectives Are Important

If you want a project to be successful, then developing a comprehensive plan is important. Making your project team members start work without any clear direction or goals in place can create motivation problems. Most people need to know what the end goal is so they can figure out how close they are to accomplishing it. Once employee motivation levels start to decline, it is hard to bring them back up.

This is why your main objective should be avoiding these problems at all costs. Enlisting the help of trusted team members is a great way to develop an easy-to-follow and detailed project plan.

Reward a Job Well Done

Perhaps the best way to motivate your team members is by rewarding them. When a team member goes above and beyond to get the job done, you don’t need to let this go unnoticed. If an employee feels like they are working for a company that does not value them, they probably won’t stick around for very long.

Instituting employee of the month awards is also a great way to show your gratitude to hard-working team members. With some time, money and originality, devising an employee recognition program will be a breeze.

Working to improve employee morale and motivation will benefit your business greatly. A team of motivated employees will be more willing to go the extra mile while working on a new project.