CompuTek Consulting, Inc. takes great pride in its ability to serve as a true single source provider of a vast spectrum of world class iSeries AS/400 and EDI service offerings, encompassing all phases of the project life cycle. We dramatically streamline the project management process for our clients by eliminating the need to coordinate numerous independent contractors or multiple outsourcing firms, thus providing a single point of contact for all their project needs.

We recognize that flexibility is key to any successful partnership. CompuTek Consulting offers its clients the ability to leverage its services rapidly, giving them the talent they need, when they need it. Depending on the needs of our clients, our consultants are available to work either on-site or from the CompuTek Consulting home office.

Whether the project takes three months or three years, our elite team of consultants possesses the versatility and skills to adapt to all of your companies’ needs and produce immediate results.

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