iSeries AS/400 Programming and Consulting Services

Since its inception in 1990, CompuTek Consulting has been dedicated to providing its world class consulting services exclusively to companies operating on the iSeries AS/400 platform. By specializing solely on the iSeries AS/400 and its various solutions throughout the many years, CompuTek’s elite team of consultants has developed an unparalleled level of industry experience and technical knowledge, enabling them to provide the most cost-effective solutions time and time again.

Our team of consultants, whom together amass several centuries of experience in iSeries AS/400 consulting, pride themselves in their high degree of specialization. Their ability to immediately start producing tangible results from the moment they begin work on their respective projects, virtually eliminates any costly learning curves, resulting in substantial savings for our clients.

CompuTek Consulting provides all of our clients with the piece of mind that comes with knowing that they are working with the best and most reliable consulting firm in the industry.