As a business, your computer systems are some of your most important assets. They support another of your most important assets – arguably your most important asset – your data.

With that in mind, you want practical support agreements and good business partners to help you keep your computer systems in great condition, and prevent all sorts of unanticipated problems.

At Computek Consulting Inc., we offer entirely on-shore domestic consulting and support for AS/400 computing systems and related infrastructure. We have helped major firms to stay on the right path with IT maintenance and operational computer solvency. Here are some of the key things that you can expect from a firm that offers domestic IT support.


Timely Responses

Unlike some off-shoring third parties, domestic tech support companies stay accessible through those peak hours when you’re most likely to encounter problems related to additional demand, or, also importantly, when your people are in the office. There are fewer time zone issues and other problems with timely communications that can compound your IT problems as you struggle with emergency issues. Any manager will tell you – support is key! It can be much more important than saving a few dollars on contracts.


Understanding Your Business Culture

There’s also a big value to having support companies that understand your business culture – the environment that your business operates in, and what’s normal or common in your business sector.

Some of this has to do with federal laws. Other parts of it have to do with state or local laws, and how things work in your community. The business culture does respond to that in terms of how you run your computing systems, for instance, when you would migrate to a different platform, or how you would document any problems. Cybersecurity is a big component of this as well. Domestic firms are better able to envision any problems from your point of view and tackle them that way. Again, that can save a lot of resources down the road. 


Clear SLAs

The service level agreement is a key part of any IT business contract. It spells out the nuts and bolts of how these partnerships are going to work.
Our SLAs are clear and transparent, and we provide additional consulting that helps our business partners feel confident that they have what they need to stay active in their core markets every day. Ask us about how to manage AS/400 systems and similar resources the right way, and how our support teams can help.