First introduced in 1988, IBM’s AS/400 computer architecture has been a significant part of many major business operations and companies for decades. Once one of the foremost enterprise-level IT solutions on the market, the iSeries AS/400 platform remains a popular choice for many tech companies today, still retaining approximately 10.1% of corporate market share according to an investigation conducted by iDatalabs


Yet, despite this remaining popularity, there is no doubt that the iSeries AS/400 is beginning to show its age. Since its inception more than three decades ago, the AS/400 system has been surpassed by new technologies, such as enterprise cloud services,  in many applications. However, there are still some very good reasons why companies choose to continue using the older AS/400 systems for IT solutions, and why a new company might choose to use the IBM iSeries AS/400 system as well. Here are three reasons why you should consider sticking with the IBM iSeries AS/400 system for your business in 2021.


Fantastic Performance and Reliability


Since it was first introduced, the IBM iSeries AS/400 has maintained a reputation of extreme reliability and system-wide stability, due to significant redundancies integrated into the system at the hardware level. This is important, since the AS/400 system is commonly used for applications that require very low downtime, such as SAP hosting and enterprise resource planning. Servers that use the AS/400 also benefit from the experience that consulting firms have with an older system. Firms like CompuTek Consulting have specialized in consulting for AS/400 systems for years, ensuring the best system-wide reliability and performance possible.


Speaking of performance, that’s another area where the IBM iSeries AS/400 system shines. The system is designed to be incredibly high-performing, with support for CPUs with a significantly higher performance threshold than competing architectures. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and high-performing computer system for enterprise applications with an experienced consulting network available, there are few better choices than the AS/400 system.


Wide Range Of Options


The IBM iSeries AS/400 system of computers also offers a huge variety of different options for varying enterprise-level needs and applications. Since the system has undergone such a long period of revisions and development, there are a healthy number of different systems to choose from, from inexpensive, entry-level server systems to extremely powerful and well-equipped systems for uses that require greater resources. The AS/400 computer system also offers support for a wide range of operating systems, including AIX, IBM i, SUSE, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. The flexibility and diverse range of choices you get when opting to use the AS/400 system are unmatched by competitors. 


Cost Efficient and Accessible


Finally, the AS/400 is one of the most cost-efficient server and enterprise-level computer systems available on the market. This is most true for companies that have already been using the IBM iSeries AS/400 system because there’s no incentive to switch. Although the AS/400 computer system is on the older side, most older companies have already fully integrated the system into their day-to-day operations, and the cost of switching to a newer platform is simply not worth it since the AS/400 system remains price-competitive with other technologies available. 


Although the chips for the AS/400 tend to be significantly more expensive than other options, they’re also more powerful, meaning a similar, or often higher, price-to-performance ratio. The AS/400 system is also backward compatible, allowing older software or code to run on the system. At the end of the day, using the IBM iSeries AS/400 is the most cost-efficient IT solution for many companies, since the cost of moving away from the system vastly overshadows any potential benefit.